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What is the best birthday present you can remember? | Lesson 17

(This is my paragraph assignment for RPC 8th grade English class, lesson 17)

The best birthday present I can remember isn’t at all hard to remember, as I was gifted her just two days ago for my sixteenth birthday present. I was given a tabby kitten, she is about 10 weeks old and I named her Charrlote after the spider from Charrlotes Web. She likes listening to kitten lullabies and playing with her favourite toys. She has the sweetest, gentlest personality ever! She is truly the best present ever! I couldn’t have dreamed of a sweeter gift! Growing up as a home-schooler can be a lonely road but having a furry friend by your side, is always pleasant compromise.


My Favourite colour | Lesson 16

(This is my paragraph assignment for RPC 8th grade English class, lesson 16)

My favourite colour is light purple. A couple of months ago I never cared for any type of purple, untill I was given paint for my bedroom. Thinking it was beige, I painted my bedroom. When after the long, tiresome struggle of painting, it was drying a light lavender purple! And voilà, I loved it! My whole bedroom is now themed around that not so awful colour. It is a very calming, pretty colour and always makes my bedroom a calm, cozy place. In conclusion, light lavender purple is now my favourite colour.


Why Is Pre-Socratic Philosophy Significant? | Lesson 15

The Pre-Socratic philosophy gained some significance because they were the first philosophers in Greek history and possibly the world. They were trying to understand and ask questions about the world without telling stories and repeating myths but by applying human reason to tackle any difficult problems. Some of the questions include: Where did everything come from? How can nature be described mathematically?

Some of the answer that they gave are wrong and sometimes preposterously wrong, So wrong that we wonder why they bothered studying them. But its the nature of the questions they asked that gave them true significance not the accuracy.

They were significant because they were the first philosophers, but also because of the nature of their questions.


What I’ve Read This Week

Reading is a wonderful way to escape reality, and at a time like this with the world being what it is, its a true gift to escape. I challenge YOU to read; read while you have nothing better to do and I know you’ll love it. Here are the books I’ve read this week.

  • Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Jane Eyre is a classic! Its one of those books that everyone MUST read and I’m pretty sure everyone knows what it’s about. But just in case…Jane Eyre is a story of a young orphaned girl named Jane Eyre. Jane lives with her aunt and cousins where she is tormented by John Reed, her older cousin and despised by her Aunt, widowed Mrs. Reed. Her aunt sends her away to a school for orphans where she adjusts quickly to life at the school, Lockwood Institute. At eighteen, Jane leaves the school and applies for a job as governess. She governs a little French girl named Adele Varens. She thinks shes working for Mrs Fairfaxs but it turns out she is only the housekeeper and she will be working for Mr. Rochester…..(I’m not going to give away the rest of the story) but basically Mr. Rochester and Jane fall in love! There are, of course many other exciting events throughout the book, but you’ll have to read it! Here is some more information.

  • The Diary Of A Young Girl by Anne Frank

This book is a non fiction diary of a young girl named Anne Frank. She kept this Diary while hiding in a secret annex during the holocaust. I loved this book! I highly recommend it! It inspired me start a diary. For more information on Anne Frank check out my blog post here.

Those were the books I’ve read this week. I try to read at least two to three books a week and around one hundred each year. How many books do you read every year?

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Happy reading,

Jasmine, the bookworm.


Classical Music Benefits

Personally I love classical music, like LOVE it! I prefer it from any other genre of music. Its that type of music that you get called a nerd for loving but that’s O.K. being a classical music nerd is NEVER a bad thing. You may feel like an old granny listening to it but that’s only because no really does anymore – you are unique!

Not only does it sound beautiful it also has many amazing benefits. such as…

  • 1. Decreases blood pressure

Cardiologists at Oxford University have found that some classical pieces, such as Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, are in sync with our body’s natural rhythm, so can significantly lower the listeners blood pressure! Faster classical pieces – such as Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons – didn’t have the same lowering effect on the listener’s blood pressure.

  • 2. Boosts memory

According to a study, people who listened to Mozart’s music showed an increased brain wave activity that’s linked directly to the memory.

  • 3. Sparks creativity

Although it won’t instantly make you more creative, listening to classical music will help put you in a creative mindset. So try listening to classical music when you’re suffering from writers block or need to brainstorm.

  • 4. Reduces stress levels

A study found that pregnant women who listened to classical music were less likely to feel stressed throughout their pregnancy. Scientists claim that classical music’s tempo is similar to the human heart, which eases both anxiety and depression.

  • 5. Supercharges brainpower

Students who listened to a lecture, in which classical music was playing in the background, scored better in a test compared to other students.

  • 6. Fights depression

Several studies have proven that classical music helps ease symptoms of depression and melancholy.

  • 7. Puts you to sleep

Listening to classical music 45 minutes prior to bedtime can help improve sleep quality.

  • 8. Relieves pain

Multiple studies have proven that listening to classical music can help relieve pain. In fact, patients listening to classical music use significantly less pain medication.

  • 9. Makes you happy

Listening to classical music can help increase dopamine secretion, which activates the brains reward and pleasure center.

10. Improves productivity

A series of studies have proven that classical music makes repetitive tasks more enjoyable and employers more productive.

Do ever listen to classical music? let me know!

Have a lovely day!

Jasmine, the bookworm


Anne Frank

Annelies Marie Frank was born on June the 12th 1929 at a hospital in Frankfurt, Germany. She was born to Edith and Otto Frank, Anne also had an older sister Margot who was 3 years her senior. Soon after Anne was born, Adolf Hitler sprung into action and the war began. As a German-Jewish family the Franks were always on the lookout. The Franks moved to Amsterdam, where Anne and her family spent most of their life. From 1934 to 1941 Anne Frank and Margot Frank attended Montessori School for Jews.

Image result for anne frank
Anne Frank

Anne frank received a diary as a birthday gift from her Father (Otto Frank) on her 13th birthday, 12th June 1942. In this diary in which she named Kitty, she began to record her thoughts and feelings. In early July 1942 after Margot Frank received a letter ordering her to report to a work camp in Germany, Anne and her family went into hiding in an attic apartment behind Otto Frank’s business. This building was located at Prinsengracht 263 in Amsterdam. Of course Anne brought her beloved diary along with hair curlers, handkerchiefs, schoolbooks, a comb, old letters”. Anne later confessed she brought “the craziest things”, but she said she wasn’t sorry, because “memories mean more to me than dresses.” she said.

See the source image
Anne Frank’s beloved Diary; Kitty.

The Van Pels family followed a week later. The two families already knew each other, Hermann van Pels worked for Otto’s company. Four months later, they were joined by an eighth person: Fritz Pfeffer, an acquaintance of the Frank family.

In Anne’s diary, Anne described the Secret Annex, saying it had several small rooms and narrow halls. According to the description Anne gave in her diary, Anne shared a room with Fritz Pfeffer; Otto, Edith and Margot shared another. Peter had his own small room, and Hermann and Auguste van Pels slept in the communal living room and kitchen area. There was also a bathroom, a small attic and a front office. The front office and attic had windows that Anne peered from during the evenings. From the attic, she could see a chestnut tree, which inspired her to reflect on nature in her diary.

While in hiding no one could leave the secret annex so Miep Gies, a brave women and family friend of the Franks risked her life sneaking them food and daily necessitates. She would also pay them visits occasionally.

While in hiding Anne befriends Peter Van Pels, the boy she once called awkward, shy and hard to get to know. The longer they where in hiding the closer they became.

The poor boy seems to need a little more love than I do, he blushes every evening when he gets his goodnight kiss and simply begs for another

– Anne Frank

Anne Frank and Peter Van Pels spent hours together by the secret annex’s attic window. They would talk about everything that concerned them.

Image result for secret annex attic
The Attic Window

The Franks, Van Pels and Mr. Pfeffer had been hiding for two years till 4th August 1944 when Anne frank and the other people in hiding where captured and arrested. Anne and Margot Frank were spared immediate death in the Auschwitz gas chambers and instead were sent to Bergen-Belsen, a concentration camp in northern Germany. In February 1945, the Frank sisters sadly died of typhus at Bergen-Belsen; Just months before the German surrender.

After Death Fame

I want to go on living after my death! And therefore I am grateful to God for giving me this gift, this possibility of developing myself and of writing, of expressing all that is in me. I can shake off everything if I write; my sorrows are gone, my courage is reborn.

-Anne Frank

The only survivor among the secret annex hiders was Otto Frank. Otto soon learnt of the deaths of his family and friends and of course was very upset. Miep Gies had kept Anne’s diary for her so that when her returned she could continue it. But of course now the rightful owner was Otto Frank. Otto frank read Anne’s diary and decided to publish it as book and a memoir of his daughter. By 25 June 1947 The Diary Of A Young Girl was published. There have also been some wonderful movies made based on her life. The one made in 2011 is personally my favorite.

This is a memoir of Anne Frank. Though her life was short, Anne frank will go on being remembered around the world everyday.


What I’ve read this week

I love to read! I’m always reading a book, its that one thing I can never get bored of. So I made a list of the books I’ve read this week. This weeks books tend to be on the more girly side of the book world, so sorry to any boys…

  • Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Meh

This books is a non fiction book based on the true events of the author Adeline Yen Meh. She describes her life growing up in China during the WWII. More information here.

  • Lovely War by Julie Berry

This book has to be the best book I’ve read this year. It is a romance novel based in WWI. The story is told by the Greek goddess of love, the Greek god of war, the Greek god of music and the god of death. Though I don’t believe in all these silly gods I enjoyed this book more than any book I’ve read! More information here.

  • The Hired Girl by Laura Amy Schlitz

This books is a fiction diary of a 14 year-old girl farm girl who runs away and becomes a maid servant, during the Victorian era. This book has is all, housework, religion and literature, love and loyalty, cats, hats, bunions, and burns. I loved it a lot! More information here

Those were the books I’ve read this week. I love historical fiction books best so my book lists will usually tend to be in that category. I will be posting “What I read this week” blog post every week. Hopefully this will inspire you to read a little more or just give you some ideas on what to read next!

This post has nothing to do the Ron Paul Curriculum. I just decided it might be something fun to do.

Thank you!

Jasmine, the bookworm.


Minoan Crete | Lesson 10

The Minoans were a bronze age civilization on the island of Crete, that flourished from around 1800 B.C. to around 1450 B.C. They were named after the Minos god that lived and ruled over the island of Crete. 

They spoke the Ancient Greek language and they wrote in Linear A, a type of writing that no scholar can decode and read today.

They were known to have been a very skilled civilization in many areas,  Making beautiful pots and bowls and carving stone into art. They would trade their goods with nearby countries like Anatolia (also known as Asia Minor, Asian Turkey, the Anatolian peninsula or the Anatolian plateau), Egypt and other Greek islands. 

They were also known to have been a very peaceful, happy island, till evidence went against that. There is evidence of child sacrifices, possibly to the god of Minos. They also found evidence of a man being tied to a tree and burnt, a possible sacrifice or maybe a punishment of some sort, but no one really knows.  

It isn’t precisely known where the Minoans went but the most common assumption is a volcanic eruption that wiped out the Minoan civilization.


Describing 3 Family Members | Lesson 13

I have a very large family whom I love very dearly, but I could only pick 3, so here is a tiny sample of my family.

Mum, she is 42 (she still says she’s 27). She is around 5’5′ in height and has a light skin tone, dark brown hair, and brown eyes. She looks really young for her age, which she refuses to believe. She is shy but also confident and can talk to any new people with ease. She is a busy mum and housewife who is studying the art of skin care. She is tackling launching her own skin care brand, which I admire. She is a marjor part of my life and I love her profoundly.

My younger brother Jack is 14 and around 5’6. We are often mistaken for twins because we are similar in looks. He has brown hair an olive brown skin tone, and light blue eyes. I would say he is an ambivert though he can also be shy, but its probably just that awkward age. He is a gamer which I find hard to understand. He also has his own YouTube channel, based on a game of some sort, here. We used to be really close but he spends most of his time on games which I find really triesome.

Eva is my little sister, she is nearly 6. She is outgoing and loud which is often annoying, but aren’t all younger siblings? She has curly brown hair, hazel eyes, a tiny upturned nose and an olive brown complexion. She has a very sweet side, of giving out compliments even if they are brutally honest, I mean, at least she’s honest. She is so mature for her age, and definitely a deep thinker. She has a (Aussie) Sourthern Belle side to her where she comes to me, and ask me how to be ladylike and refined. She is the most loveable thing, even when she innocently pointed out that I look like the ogre version of Fiona from Shrek!

This is only teeny tiny sample of my family members and who they are. I have a very unique family, we all have different personalities and faults, but we all seem to fit together splendidly, like a puzzle.


My 3 Favourite Foods | Lesson 11

I love food, so picking only 3 favorites was a challenge. I came to the conclusion that healthy foods are my favorite because of the way they make me feel inside out. So I picked Watermelon, dark chocolate and papaya. 

I love these foods because they are full of nutrition and they are perfect to quench those unhealthy cravings. These foods are sweet so they are the perfect alternative to unhealthy desserts.

1. Watermelon is so delicious and so refreshing, but also packed with vitamins. Watermelon contains high levels of vitamin C and Vitamin A and also its a good source of Fiber. 

2. Dark chocolate is my favourite! As someone who suffers from anemia, it’s a must! It is filled with Iron, magnesium, fiber, and protein. It also contains sugar so it’s always good to keep a balance on how much you are eating.

3. Papaya is a fruit that is not for everyone, most of my siblings despise its very existence, but I love it! It is filled with vitamin C and fiber. 

I love all of these foods! Not just for the nutrition but I just find them really tasty and yummy. They make me feel healthy and happy so therefore they are perfect! These food are surley my favorite.


Describing Myself | Lesson 8

My name is Jasmine and I am 15. I would describe my looks as brown. I have brown hair, brown eyes and an olive brown complexion. I am around 5’6” in height.

I live with my large family of 10 and our Sheltie dog named Shelby. I am the third eldest of my 7 siblings. Amber, Eliana, Jack, Levi, Emilie, Eva and Adalia. The younger ones are often annoying but I love them profoundly. We all live together in a small square house we call a shoe box, with grandparents for neighbors on the left and best friends for neighbors on the right. Our little Australian country town is also small and filled with a community of people who like working together to help and improve our little dry Aussie town.

I’ve been homeschooled all my life and have recently started the Ron Paul Curriculum, (RPC). Although I’ve only just started, I am enyoying it dearly. I love learning and often use my spare time to learn about things I love, like histoy, piano or new languages. I am tutoring myself French at the moment and would love to also learn Hebrew in the future.

People describe me as shy, funny and quiet. I would definitely say I am an introvert and love spending time alone or with family. I love writing and reading and often pass the time doing both. I would prefer to spend my day reading at home than out around lots of people and loud hustle bustle.

That is the brief outline of my life and who I am. although I can’t quite capture who I am accurately and precisly, I can say that I am filled with happy memories that are made everyday and will always feel loved in my small town, family life. This is me and I am not perfect but let me just say, I am special and unique just like everyone else is in their very own way.


My favourite school subject | Lesson 5

My favourite school subject is History. I love watching documentaries and reading about important people and events in history.

My favourite eras in history change from year to year, last year it was the Elizabethan Age (1558–1603). The year before that is was the Irish Famine of 1845–49, but this year its 1939 to 1945. I’ve had an interest in WWII (World War 2) and it’s been quite a captivating learning process.

My favourite people in history change from day to day! Somedays I learn about the life of an old movie star or singer, and then other days its someone who had a bigger impact in a historian era like Queen Elizabeth 1 or Abraham Lincoln.

I also love learning about historian eras by reading a historical fiction book (yes fiction). Through reading a historical fiction book you can get a grasp of what it was like to live in a certain time period or era through the lives of fictional characters, as well as learning about that era. That is one of my favourite ways of learning about the impact certain eras had on peoples lives. But I also enjoy reading historical non fiction and biographies.

History is a subject that I can study for hours without get bored. Its always exciting and there’s always more to learn and read. I’m quite sure history will forever remain my favourite school subject.

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